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Super Gripper

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Train for a bone-crushing grip and develop huge, powerful forearms for batting power, grappling with a fire-hose or hanging onto a bar!

If youíre after huge forearms with the crushing power of an industrial vise, get the Super Gripper. Itís the ultimate forearm- and grip-building tool on the market because it provides your muscles with the two essential requirements they demand for awesome size and strength: specificity and progressive resistance.

Specificity means that the Super Gripper exactly mimics gripping action so that the neurological pathways and specific muscle structures you use to squeeze get the full power-training effect from every rep. Youíll develop a bone-crushing grip fast, and as you get stronger, the Super Gripperís innovative design allows you to increase tension by adding one or a number of power coils for that critical progressive-resistance effect. The Super Gripper has been designed to give you the widest possible range of resistance settings from 8 pounds to 125 pounds by adjusting the two spring coils included accordingly.

When it comes to weight-training, progressive resistance is the key. Itís this progressive, or gradually increasing, resistance that forces new demands on a muscle so that you pack on more size and strength--in this case awe-inspiring forearm mass. By working up to more power coils, you make forearm growth happen fast. Remember, your forearm muscles are what peopleís eyes are drawn to first.

When you wear a short-sleeve shirt, itís the lower arms that are exposed for all to see. If youíre a bodybuilder, youíll want your forearms to be huge and vascular to match your thick, beefy upper armsóand they will be once you add the Super Gripper to your training arsenal. After your curls and pushdowns, grab your Gripper and go for the burn.

Your forearms will stay engorged for hours, and youíll build dramatic new muscle in a matter of weeks.

Donít go through life with a pair of buggy whips dangling from your elbows and a dead-fish handshake. Get the Super Gripper and build a bone-crushing grip that commands respect and huge, vascular forearms that demand attention.

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