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Click to enlarge: Mike Dayton Strength Show


Mike Dayton Strength Show

Available in NTSC - 60 min

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Mike Dayton is a former bodybuilding champion turned professional strongman. This amazing performance was filmed in 1984 in Southern California. Witness incredible feats of strength and endurance, including Mike’s famous hanging, seventy chin-ups in just over a minute, being shot through a phone directory, breaking assorted objects including baseball bats and burning bricks, and his famous breaking of regulation strength handcuffs. It’s barely controlled insanity, and these feats and in particular the HANGING must not, repeat NOT be attempted at home.

Mike knows and accepts the many calculated risks he has to take in presenting this truly unique strength show. Without doubt the most incredible and daring strength performance you will ever see. Do not miss this performance, as in the words of Mike Dayton ”it’s going to be a wild one tonight”. Was it ever!

Mike’s superb physique and great strength is evident throughout this unique DVD. Wayne Gallasch who shot this DVD said the following – “In all my years of filming top events and outstanding bodybuilders I have never witnessed a performance like this one. It is a video I have watched over 50 times and I still get a kick out of it every time I view it”.

Amazing feats of strength from strongman Mike Dayton. You see him breaking handcuffs, hanging himself, being shot and many more feats of unbelievable strength by this awesome strongman.

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