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Click to enlarge: Ab Bench: Get Sexy Rock Hard Abs And Increase Your Sexual Attraction!

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Ab Bench: Get Sexy Rock Hard Abs And Increase Your Sexual Attraction!

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You’ve never felt full abdominal range of motion like this. The new Leverage Ab Bench from Body-Solid delivers six-pack abs and well-developed obliques like no other machine! The specially designed curved back pad puts you into a deep pre-stretch position for exercise motion that ranges from 30° back of center to 30° front of center. The heavy-gauge 2” x 3” steel mainframe feature all-4-side welded construction for a rock-solid foundation. Extra-thick and durable DuraFirmTM back and seat pads deliver comfort and proper posture. Crunch your way to a flat stomach the smart way! The chrome weight carriage accepts Olympic plates for minimal to maximum resistance. Extra-wide, sealed ball bearing pulley allows complete freedom of movement for oblique workouts as well. Infinitely adjustable back pad ensures quick and easy adjustment for all size users. Excellent for triceps extensions, too.

The Secret to Etching your Granite-Carved Abs in 10 Short Minutes

Men, picture this... you with tight, shredded abs, serratus and intercostals all sharp, sliced and
visible from across the room or on the sun-glared beach! From the rear, you've got lower lumbars that look like two thick steel girders supporting your muscle-studded back. Imagine looking like a Greek god... in street clothes... in the gym... or anywhere.

Women... finally get the sexy, flat stomach you've been waiting for. Don't waste time on any other exercise. This one is it. No amount of aerobics or dieting will give you goddess abs like the Ab Bench. Let them worship you at the altar of fitness!

The incredible breakthrough design of the pad on the Ab Bench pre-stretches the targeted muscles prior to contraction, giving you a full-range movement, making each exercise up to 200% more effective. The Ab Bench takes the physiology of your spine into consideration with its design like nothing else on the market. The contraction takes place all the way into the pelvis where the abdominals actually rotate the spine, forcing the abdominals to completely contract... from the upper abs to the lower abs.

Using the Ab Bench is the “sure-fire” guarantee for you to get those attention-grabbing washboard abs.

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