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Chris Clugston Advanced Fighting VHS

"It Shouldn't Be This Easy To Learn Such Super-Advanced Fighting Skills... But It Is!"

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Find out why so many world-class fighters are
scrambling to be the first to see this
astonishing "end it quick" fighting system... the
first real advance in streetfighting in over
four long years!

-- Robert Pierce
President, TRS

Here's a "taste" of what you're about to learn:

How to immediately solve any problem that comes at you in the
street... by "jump-starting" the Natural Warrior part of your brain (just
like a real-life gladiator would) and putting the simple-yet-proven survival tools
to work that have served men like you for thousands of years.

How be flexible in how you respond to an attack... without needing to
memorize or practice a single complicated strike or move!
Instead, you will instantly "force feed" astonishingly simple skills into your
system... which will give you options no other fighter can even imagine.

It Really Shouldn't Be This Easy
To Become A Top-Grade Fighting Man...
But, With Chris's Unbelievably Effective Fighting Techniques, It Is!

How to "connect the dots" of any fight - so you smoothly go from
confrontation, to defense against attack, to taking him out... all in a blinding,
smooth and natural blur of action he cannot defend against. And yet, still,
you are not doing ANYTHING complex or difficult!

How to use paralyzing PAIN to immobilize your opponent, at any time
you choose.

How to "lock 'em up" tight, so they can't move, can't run, can barely
breathe... while you decide what to do to finish the situation. Any way you
want to...

Why you only need these five incredibly simple offensive moves...
no matter what kind of fight you find yourself in! Plus... with Chris's
"personalized teaching"... you will finally know when and how to use each one.
There are NO gray areas of doubt in this fighting system - it's comprehensive,
yet so simple it can be yours overnight!

And a ton more.

FREE TRS Report: Download the TRS Report "The Five Simple Rules of Winning Any Fight" in PDF format (884k).

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