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Click to enlarge: How to Improve Athletic Ability DVD


How to Improve Athletic Ability DVD

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"If you follow the exercises in this program, most of which you can do for your entire life, they will help you to become the best athlete you could possibly be. Life is a sport, and if you want to win you need to be the best athlete that you could possible be. Good luck, train hard."

--Corky Wollman

How to Improve Athletic Ability was created with the dual purpose of helping athletes improve their ability and perform at a higher level as well as helping those indivisuals who believe they don't possess any athletic ability -- find it.

The secret behind this powerful program is its unique approach of providing exercises and techniques that improve the three core areas that form the foundation for all athletic movement. They are:

Abs/Center Core

Athletes and Coaches have known for some time that a strong Center Core is essential for every athlete. Whether you're throwing or kicking a ball, swinging a racquet or club, or just about any other movement, a strong Center Core gives you the foundation you need and the area from which to generate power.

Balance equals control. But there's an even greater reason for improving your Balance for Athletes and non-Athletes alike. By improving your Balance -- you improve your Proprioception, which in turn improves your body's ability to communicate with itself. Thus improving action and re-action, overall neuromuscular facilitation, and much more.

The diving catch in Baseball or Football; the 360 degree Slam Dunk in Basketball, or the famous "Double leg clutch reverse spin back flip triple triple in the pike position," (joking) are just some examples of the wonderful world of athletic dance that is Coordination.

By improving the three core areas that form the foundation for all athletic movement, the theory is your overall athletic ability will improve.

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